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Demographics in Indio CA

The city of Indio is belong to Riverside county California.  The Riverside county announced in 2017 that “The City of Indio” is the Fastest Growing City in Riverside County” in county resources. And especially in winter months, there are more than 30,000 reside in Indio, CA.  However, the city of Indio is well known for the city of Festivals.  It attracts more than 1.4 million visitors annually.

According to the 2017 United States Census Data, the average ave of the city of Indio, CA is 37.3, and persons under 18 years old is around 27%.  And nearly 70% of the population belongs to Hispanics.  and, the numbers of a household is over 27,000. Within these records, it definitely shows this city is still potentially growing next decade for sure.

The Asian and Black are a minority in the city of Indio, CA.  It said Asians are little over 2.5% and Black is less than 3%.  White is over 25%.  For the education side, the high school graduate is nearly 75% which is very high yield against nationwide. and a Bachelor’s degree or higher rate is over 16%.

The year of 2018, the record of the new houses built within the Indio city is over 3,500 which is a remarkable increment which compares to the last decade. It means the most residential building permits issued in the Coachella Valley.

Because of the tremendous population increase, the demands for all home-related businesses have been growing for five years, there are more local businesses open and close repeatedly. The competition rate of a carpet cleaning business in Indio, CA has been increased by more than 70% for the last 10 years.   Not only that, 15% more local businesses can survive during the summer seasons.

Despite booming in the city of Indio, there are many other factors and numbers are showing up the negative.  Due to the easy fingertip ordering system in e-commerce, the business of nature, the local businesses couldn’t be last long which is a similar situation nationwide.  K-Mart, JC Penny, Target, other giant retail distributions couldn’t sustain the business during the population & business booming in the city of Indio, CA.

Tourism in Indio CA

The tourism sector in Indio, CA borough is extensive and beneficial to both the residents and society. Those seeking jobs can do so in the historic sites, entertainment places are big as well as the hotels in Coachella valley. This is and will always a source of income for many residents and immigrants.

Tourism is not all about the tourists spending time and money in their destinations. It always depends on the people who serve them for living. Society is also beneficial as there are taxes to be collected from businesses such as entertainment places, restaurants, hotels, and other sites.

It brings lots of financial benefits to society in the city of Indio, CA. Because of COVID19, most of the events & festivals in Indio city and other nearby cities are canceled and/or postponed.  The city and people in Coachella Valley are extremely cautioned about the new normal and it affects the current and future job opening.

The following events, expos, and festivals are canceled and/or postponed. You can find more information and resources can be found here.

  • Coachella Music Festival

According to Wikipedia, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is an annual music and arts festival held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California, in the Coachella Valley in the Colorado Desert.


  • Stagecoach Country Music Festival

According to Wikipedia, the Stagecoach Festival is an outdoor country music festival presented by Goldenvoice, The Messina Group, and Moore Entertainment and founded by Paul Tollett. The festival is held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California.


  • Indio International Tamale Festival

According to Wikipedia, Indio International Tamale Festival is held in the Old Town Indio and held the first week of each December.  It holds Guinness World records.

Indio, CA is one of the famous places for festivals and events in the worldwide region. There are historic sites in this region that one can visit to learn or have fun. This is a location that one can love, learn, and share. Because of the nature business in the city of Indio, CA, we can find a job or contribute in other ways to bring revenue to society.

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I'm very satisfied with their cleaning of my couch love seats and chairs. Of course, they've also done my carpets and tiles cleaning. Very professional and reliable. I will use them again after the holidays. Thank you & see you soon.

Helen D.

Indio CA, Home Owner

They did a great job, prompt, efficient, and very affordable. I have 4 bedrooms, stairs that were carpet, and my tile in the kitchen and family room. They got stains out other companies could not. Thank you.

Debra C.

La Quinta CA, Home Owner

W've been having a quality carpet company clean our carpets for a pretty long time. They are reliable, courteous, and very professional. I wouldn't use any other company but quality. I love their service, and also affordable.

Tom J.

Palm Desert CA, Business Owner

We've used this company for years now. They're excellent and very reasonably priced. They have very good commercial equipment & also send me text reminders so I know when it's time to get the floor done. They're fast. No time wasted.

Jason M.

Rancho Mirage CA, Business Owner

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